The world's first "Hybrid" bass guitar... awesome tone!!!
We have forged a new, incredible kind of bass guitar, and we're glade to present you the new frontier of the sound research.
The rich and warm sound of Selected Wood, meets the incredible attack and endless sustain of the Aluminium Alloy, for an innovative and well balanced tone.
Our patent pending "Hybrid" basses, 4 and 5 string models, are ready to give you a new amazing sound expecience...enjoy !!!

I grew up in Florida where there is no real musical prejudice, there was all sorts of music, everyone was playing everything from Cuban music to symphonic music...keep listening...keep your ears open...Jaco Pastorius
  Patent Pending "Hybrid" Technology
Wood meets Aluminum: rich and warm sound, incredible attack and endless sustain, awesome tone;

Structural Design
The innovative structural sandwich of the body gives great and amazing tonal qualities;

High Performance
Perfectly balanced, lightweight, great playability, top quality pickups and parts, unique and cool look.

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