We are proud to present the new StratOSonic aluminum guitar, a mix between cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, to get a warm, clean and charming tone.

Thanks to the precious collaboration of Osvaldo Di Dio, one of the best guitarist we've ever known, and after a long period of research and design, we are finally ready to introduce this little aluminum masterpiece.
Osvaldo asked us to built a guitar with special features and a very versatile sound, we did it.
He was looking for a junction point between past, present and future, a new powerfull, strong and reliable guitar designed for every situations, from recording studio to main stage.
I-Spira has designed for us, an incredible pickups set that gives to the guitar the opportunity to have many souls, starting from a classic and improved historical sound, to a new, modern and solid tone.
As always, we used only the highest quality materials and the best components to give him, and now to you, the opportunity to feel a new sound experience...

The Aluminum Core

The StratOSonic body gives a very balanced, warm and present tone, with natural highs and  organic middle frequencies. The sound is rich in harmonics, with an endless sustain and a surprising attack... 

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