Cass Lewis
Alusonic Django Supreme "Cass Lewis"
Alusonic "CassBass"
Alusonic S-Special 4 CS
Skunk Anansie, Terence Trent D'Arby, Gary Moore, Andy Tailor, Wendy James, Ace Sounds
Alusonic T-Special/P90
Skunk Anansie

Alusonic Pinkhage Signature
YouTuber - Japan

    Upula Madhushanka
Alusonic Django Deluxe 4
Freelance Player - Sri Lanka
  Justin Lockey
Alusonic T-Special/P90
Alusonic T-Special
Skunk Anansie
  Veron "Koxx" Dinall
Alusonic Django Deluxe 5
Alpha Blondy, session musician, soloist artist
    Matteo Balani
Alusonic J-Special CS
Alusonic S-Special 5 CS
Alusonic Django
Alusonic ALU112-XL
Lola Feghaly, Osvaldo Di Dio, SteelNight Studios, Guitar 9 Records, Graduated at "Berklee College of Music" in Boston, USA
  Osvaldo Di Dio
Alusonic T-Special P/90 CS
Franco Battiato, Eros Ramazzotti, Cristiano De André, Paolo Vallesi, teacher at "Accademia Lizard" in Milan, Italy
    Cristiano Parato
Alusonic J-Special CS 
Alusonic J-Special CS
Alusonic PJ-Special CS 
Alusonic P-Special CS
Alusonic Hybrid 4M CS 
Alusonic Django
Alusonic ALU112
Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Scott Henderson, , Lele Melotti, Solo Artists
  Luca Silvestri
Alusonic J-Special CS
Alusonic P-Special CS
Alusonic J-Special 5 CS
Teacher, session musician, soloist artist
Bass books: " Bass Station for Beginners" and " Bass Station vol I - II ".
Teacher at the "Bass To Rock" accademy
Various tour in USA, Germany and Spain
    Claudio Signorile
Alusonic Hybrid 4 CS
Teacher, session musician, soloist artist
Teacher at the "Music Academy Bari"
Manager of "Bari Bass Day" event
Francesco Piovan
Alusonic J-Special CS
Teacher at the "M.M.I." Padova, "On Stage Music School" Monselice, and "Il Pentagramma" Venezia.
Tour and studio sessions with: Antonino, Stef Burns, DireStraits Overgold, WeRevolution, Vittorio Matteucci, Vivien Corti Quartet
    Stefano Re
Alusonic T-Special CS
Teacher, session musician, composer
Italian tour with Galleria Margò, Artemista, Trib-U
Studio musician for Real Sound (MI), V3 Studio (AL), Boat Studio (BO)
Teacher at Musicolandia in Gallarate (VA)
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