We have at least 3 good reasons to suggest you buy an Alusonic instrument with Soisy:

1. 100% online financing

With Soisy you can apply for a financing from your pc or directly from your smartphone, even while on the bike! You will not need to go to the agency, scan or print documents: you can do everything from the comfort of your home or mobile phone.

And if the request is accepted, even to sign the contract we will not make you uncomfortable: you will receive a text message on your mobile phone and you can sign everything online simply by entering the code you will receive.

2. Convenient financing

Soisy is a platform for loans between individuals, and this makes its financing much more convenient than that of a traditional bank or financial institution (especially for customers with good creditworthiness).

In addition, all expenses are included in the monthly installment and there are no hidden costs: no additional costs for preliminary inquiries, stamps, installment collection or early repayment, no additional insurance or policy. Nothing at all: just the installment for the number of months you choose!

3. Fast financing

With Soisy make the request in 5 minutes:

  • by entering the tax code and info on your work you will get a quote
  • if you agree with the installment and go on, you will be asked for more info (residence, home, income info, IBAN and on what day of the month you want to pay the installment, ...)
  • and in just 5 minutes you will be told if the request has been accepted or not.

If the result is positive, Soisy takes a maximum of 24 hours for the documentary check and anti-fraud checks: if everything is regular, it will confirm the positive result and make you sign the contract online (by entering a code that you will receive via sms) . Already from the next day we will receive the credit and we will be able to deliver the product or start work on a new instrument: you will repay it from the month following the purchase (with the opportunity of paying off the debt in advance without any penalty).


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